Case Studies

Case Studies

Billing Automation & Partner Management Optimization

15 Aug 2023

“Celebrating a New Milestone in Billing Automation & Partner Management”

June 23, 2022: A prominent Telecommunications and IT solution provider across Australia and New Zealand has strategically aligned with OneBill, an esteemed Revenue Management platform, to revolutionize their partner management and billing capabilities.

This visionary company specializes in converged voice and data networks, cloud services, and hosted infrastructure solutions for enterprise and wholesale clients. Committed to crafting bespoke solutions that cater to individual client needs and enhance overall business outcomes, they stand at the forefront of their industry.

OneBill, a comprehensive billing and revenue management platform, has emerged as the solution of choice for leading Telecommunications and IT providers such as this forward-looking organization. With OneBill, businesses can seamlessly scale intricate product and pricing offers, automate service activation procedures, accurately manage billing and accounts receivables, tailor distinct offers for partners and resellers, and elevate customer experiences throughout their subscription journeys.

Recognizing the need for a billing solution that seamlessly integrates with existing platforms, handles substantial CDR file volumes for precise invoicing, and enables efficient management of dealers, resellers, and wholesalers with versatile commissioning settlement, this innovative company turned to OneBill.

Upon implementation, this organization now enjoys the benefits of a comprehensive integrated billing solution, NETSIP DASH, which streamlines SIP trunk ordering, DID phone number allocations, and number porting. Additionally, they harness OneBill’s sophisticated usage rating feature to process CDRs from their voice systems.

The introduction of OneBill’s Multi-Level-Channel-Management (MLCM) module marks a pivotal advancement for the business. Dealers and wholesalers are empowered to white-label and customize their voice offerings, with real-time commissioning management via the partner portal.

This partnership between this distinguished company and OneBill demonstrates the potential for transformational change through strategic collaboration. The implementation of cutting-edge billing automation and partner management capabilities paves the way for future growth and excellence within the industry.