Aho Bilam

Aho brings over 25 years of global fulfilment leadership experience working for midsize service providers. Playing a key role in ramping up of large offshore engineering centers of global majors, Aho has led fulfilment teams for high-expectations recruitment. Prior to MethodHub, Aho was SVP of Innova Solutions, a bay area software services company and COO […]

Chandra Sekaran

Chandra, a Chartered and Cost accountant, has an illustrious background in finance and investment management. Heading finance for a multibillion industrial conglomerate and then moving towards Private Equity and investment management, Chandra brings financial access and expertise to MethodHub. Chandra lives in Chennai.

Dinesh Agaskar

Dinesh, based in Thailand runs our South East Asia business and has been primarily responsible for our presence, growth and visibility in that region. An Alumnus of IIM-K and National University of Singapore, Dinesh has a track record of successfully building businesses in Hong Kong and India, besides Thailand. Dinesh is very active in Bhartiya/Indian […]


Jayaramakrishnan or JRK as he is affectionately called, is one of the doyens of the Indian IT industry. A former Vice President of TCS who played a key role in shaping the TCS of today and a member of the proposal approving committee of the NSDC ( National Skills Development Corporation), JRK also sits on […]

Rich Marino

Rich, a bay area software services industry veteran with stints in the erstwhile EDS and Perot Systems, has served as Chief Strategy Officer for companies like Innova Solutions and Fortify Systems. Rich has led product engineering initiatives as well as program-managed large engagements with BFS majors like Franklin-Templeton and Invesco. Thought leadership in the service […]